November 5, 2020

We’re Here Campaign Feature: Ra’Vonda Sanon

The mission of the We’re Here Project is to empower and amplify the voices of young Black women in our community. In Southwest Missouri, there are still strides to be made with representation, diversity, and equity and the goal of this project is to raise the visibility of young Black women who wish to be a part of that conversation. Each woman selected for the project gets to share her story and perspective on beauty and strength as a Black woman in the Southwest Missouri area. This is Ra’Vonda’s interview:

A combination of having wisdom, confidence, strength, character and resilience. Beauty takes on many forms. True beauty is a heart of a gentleness with a quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight.

I am the Co-Owner of a local Preschool in Springfield as well as the Director. I am a wife, mother and lead in ministry.

Birth! I was born and raised here.

I volunteer a lot in Ministry at our church. I’m involved in Living Free, Counseling team and Life Group. We also giving back to community with our business helping families in need.

Very mixed feeling. I love my country, and my city but lately my heart has been broken. For each individual I want to see change. Change for the better. For people to care about their fellow man and to want to be better.

One day at a time. I obviously spend most of my days “playing” at work with kids. Keeps my heart light! They are very loving!

My kindness and strength. My love for God, family and baking.

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