November 3, 2020

We’re Here Campaign Feature: Jasmine Allen

The mission of the We’re Here Project is to empower and amplify the voices of young Black women in our community. In Southwest Missouri, there are still strides to be made with representation, diversity, and equity and the goal of this project is to raise the visibility of young Black women who wish to be a part of that conversation. Each woman selected for the project gets to share her story and perspective on beauty and strength as a Black woman in the Southwest Missouri area. This is Jasmine’s interview:

It’s what is within you your love in action

I am a special education teacher. Former Spanish teacher and early childhood educator.

I was born and raised here. My mom is from Ecuador and my dad Alabama, don’t ask how they decided to stay here.

I like to volunteer with my daughter at various places such as foster connect, recess, 4-k venues, and feeding the homeless. We enjoy traveling and learning languages. I recently became involved in black history summer academy and I am going to begin making phone calls for the election.

It’s been interesting, I received a minority teaching scholarship from SPS and Missouri state gained employment, then I took time off when my daughter went through cancer treatment. I completed my masters in SPED and was overlooked for 3 years for a teaching position. I finally was able to gain employment last year. I am thankful for that and that I was able to get into the iELT through Missouri state after the deadline. Growing up I recall I was the only minority in IB classes now I am on the EOS team at Hillcrest. I also recall being racially profiled as I shopped and was just given a gift card for their missteps, now recently last cookies season our minority troop was treated differently and my daughter asked why did they get to be inside? I am still waiting to hear back about that complaint.

We like to bike ride and listen to music. We do meditation, affirmations, and writing once a week. Or do some art. We have our alone time also. Where we talk with our friends or watch tv….

For my love of people and service to others. Being kind and humble is important, I know I have my weaknesses and flaws.

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